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mark's pots

After leaving school I worked for three very different potters for two years before setting up my first workshop in 1975, with the help of a New Craftsman Grant awarded by the Crafts Advisory Committee. This enabled me to build my first kiln, buy some equipment and began what has become a long and not always easy relationship with clay. It was a time when functional pots for the kitchen were in great demand and that is what I started to make.

A move to West Wales three years later saw a sharp decline in sales of domestic ware, and I took whatever work I could get - bird feeders for the RSPB and Oxfam Trading to sell in their mail order catalogues. I made many thousands, little knowing that the tedious repetition would give me the best grounding in the skill of throwing, and enable me to work with confidence later, on pots both challenging in scale and quantity.

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