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I have always had a passion for firing with wood. The cutting, stacking and the stoking have become a routine part of my making cycle - the build up to the final act. Each firing will be different until a pattern is achieved and a gentle but controlled climb to 1300 degrees is reached.

I fire a single chamber bourry-box kiln, 75 cu ft. At 1250 degrees, salt is thrown into the firebox to coat the surface of the pots with a layer of sodium, combining with the slips on the pots to produce varying surfaces from a thin film to heavy 'orange peel' , the wood gives me an extra dimension and depth of quality. I aim to get to the salting temperature in around 16 hours and complete the kiln firing in 19 to 20 hours. This is always a magic time, letting the fire burn down not knowing how successful the firing has been!

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